Edna Hadden Jane Oneil formerly McCONRIELL no father given 15 Aug 1874 Ballinagone Richard RUDDELL, Derryvane, farmer Anne Eliza James DOUD, Derrymacfall, labourer Anabella Jeffers formerly CARSON Sarah Jane Matchett formerly GILPIN John MULHOLLAND, 6 Church St, Portadown, restaurant keeper Thomas Hunter, father, Derrykeevan, 20 Dec 1877 5 Jan 1877, Derrycarne Margaret no father given Armagh, Richhill, Richhill, Armagh, Co Armagh Christianna Cochrane formerly TAYLOR Mary O'Hare formerly LAPPIN Charlotte Honeyford X, mother, 4 Morrisons Ct, Portadown, 20 Mar R F MAGINNIS, Occupier, Workhouse, Newry, 14 Jul 1903 Cathrine Speers formerly GORDON Hannah Bella Robert Mathers, father, 53 Parkmount, Portadown, 12 Feb 1912 James Conlin, father, Clontilew, 10 Aug 1877 They have also lived in Mansfield, OH and Columbus, OH. Robert McFarland X, father, Seagoe, 22 Aug 1906 Elizabeth 15 Sep 1906 Legany Kate McMullan formerly KELLY 13 Aug 1877 Woodhouse St, Portadown Eliza Wilson formerly NEWELL Rachel Telford formerly McADAM Sara Ann McCrum, mother, Cavanagarvan, 25 Jul 1902 William H McCANN, Killicomain, labourer Robert John GREENAWAY, Tullyhue, weaver 6 Jul 1877 Drumgoose Sarah ERWIN X, present at birth, Cloven Eden,19 Sep 1873 Elizabeth Henderson fomerly McLOUGHLIN Samuel James William R Hughes, father, Tarson, 14 Feb 1912 Family History Library film no 255907 Anne Eliza Pat McALINDEN, occupier, Derryaugh, 23 Apr 1904 4 May 1901, 8 Cecil St, Portadown George Anne Perry formerly WALLACE George McKNIGHT, Cushany, farmer James Best, father, Latt, 19 Aug 1912 Bella Jane 6 Nov 1870 Ballymore Margaret 27 Oct 1875 Richmount William HONEYFORD, Drumnasoo, farmer 14 Jan 1880 Derrycarne Margaret We believe that every client deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. Joseph Richard Daniel McCoy X, father, Corcrain, 10 Jul 1873 David McLAUGHLIN, Edinderry, Portadown, shoemaker John Smyth X, father, Derrinraw, 3 May 1875 Francis White, father, Lisdrumliska, 2 Jul 1903 22 May 1880 Clonmacate Agnes JEFFERS X, present at birth, Tamnamore, 18 Nov 1870 Edward DERRY, Kingarve, weaver Ann Eliza Tedford formerly HAIRE Elizabeth Neeson X, mother, Derrycaw, 29 Jun 1876 Benjamin MORRISON, Derrinraw, weaver James Hayes, father, Clonticlay, 23 Nov 1875 John McCONAGHEY, Drumnagoon, carpenter 10 Nov 1876 Clonmacate Sarah McCAUGHEY X, present at birth, Derrylard, 4 Dec 1873 16 Dec 1902, 48 Hanover St, Portadown Catherine Matchett formerly REILY Volume 16, page 707 John Blevins X, father, Mullinakill, 29 Nov 1875 John HUGHES, 5 Hanover St, Portadown, gardener Simon McIlrath, father, Farnaloy, 26 Oct 1903 Isaac TAYLOR, Kilmagamish, farmer John HARDY, Battagh, weaver 26 Aug 1877 Balteagh Sarah Hart, mother, Ballymakeown, 26 Nov 1870 Family History Library film no 257950 Eliza Jane Johnston formerly IRWIN Ann Jane Boyd formerly STRAIN Ann Bratton formerly COOKE 18 Sep 1910, Blacks Court, Lurgan John Alexander 6 Aug 1900 Tassagh Lurgan, Tartaraghan, Tartaraghan, Lurgan, Co Armagh Dont walk and smartphone at the same time. Joseph William Elizabeth Simington formerly (not given) 8 Apr 1871 Mullaletra George ROBINSON, Canoneil, farmer James Stothers, father, Roughan, 12 Jul 1880 26 Dec 1902, 37 Charles St, Portadown Margaret Connolly formerly LAPPIN John Edwards, father, Drumbellum, 1 Jul 1872 26 May 1878 Foymore Jemima Find upcoming academic deadlines and events on campus. Ann Colvin X, mother, Marlacoo, 11 Aug 1871 24 Mar 1875 Derrylard 6 Nov 1877 Ballynary 26 Jan 1903 Derrinraw Ann Jane McAnally formerly HADDEN 4 Jan 1873 Ballintaggart James Wilson, father, Derrymatry, 25 Aug 1875 29 Mar 1909 Ballinary William Thomas James William DRUMMOND, Clonmacate, constable R.I.C. James D Forde, father, Mullentine, 16 Apr 1902 Info Share. George ARCHER, Moores Row, Portadown, factory worker Christopher Elizabeth Kerr formerly McGIVERN Benjamin HONEYFORD, 2 Sarah St, Portadown, labourer Emily Nixon formerly TERRY Alice DONALDSON, present at birth, 3 Red Row, Portadown, 6 Jan 1913 Mary Ann Mathers, mother, Derrykeeran 22 Dec 1873 James Holland, father, Victoria Terrace, Portadown, 23 Aug 1879 Sarah McFall formerly BINKS 1 Dec 1906 Derrylilleagh Armagh, Keady, Keady, Armagh, Co Armagh Jemima Ferguson, mother, Drumnamether, 7 Nov 1870 16 Nov 1873 Clonmacate Mary Quinn formerly ROLSTON Robert STEVENSON, Derrycaw, labourer Richard Matchett X, father, Derryadd, 11 Mar 1878 Joseph William PARKS, Teemore, farmer Francis (m) Margaret Millar formerly NEIL Mary 9 Jan 1878 Henry St, Portadown John Thomas David Eva Albert Andrew 11 Feb 1913, Obin St, Portadown *note says "see new certified copy" James Redpath X, father, Cargans, 22 Jun 1880 Mary Jane Peter Conley X, father, Derryneskin, 3 Dec 1870 John McCANN, Derryscollop, labourer Thomas Henry McPARLAND, Cloncore, labourer Bridget Maginness formerly BRADY Elizabeth METCALF X, present at birth, Clonmacate, 10 Jun 1880 female Elizabeth Lappin formerly HARRIS Patrick John McFall, father, Derrinraw, 18 Jul 1872 Rachel Livingstone formerly WILSON Louisa Focused on Solutions. Family History Library film no 257971 Peter MATHEWS, Up Fathom, farmer Sarah Ann Kainey formerly DOUD Rachel Taylor formerly HOBBS Maria BAYLIS X, present at birth, Edinderry, Portadown, 26 Jan 1871 James Maud Jane Family History Library film no 255978 George TOBIAS, Drumnakelly, weaver 12 Apr 1873 Clercullentrough Volume 1, page 719 James Henry Matilda Hunniford X, mother, Kingarve, 1 May 1875 Frances Sarah Henning, mother, 7 Montague St, Portadown, 26 Nov 1906 Matty McGREGOR X, present at birth, Derrytagh, 4 Jul 1873 Look up. Thomas BRAU, Ballinahinch, labourer Ann Eliza PATTERSON X, present at birth, Derrinraw, 13 Nov 1906 Michael McCARN, Tanificarbit, weaver Mary Wright formerly WRIGHT Lurgan, Tartaraghan, Tartaraghan, Lurgan, Co Armagh Hamilton JONES, Derrymacfall, weaver male Get involved through student organizations, community outreach, and more. 5 Jun 1902, Main St, Keady William HOOKS, George St, Armagh, compositor Albert MATCHETT, Bridge St, Portadown, mechanic Rachel Ruddell formerly TOES Volume 6, page 801 6 Jul 1877 Derryneskin John CARRICK, Foybeg, weaver Elizabeth MORLEY Family History Library film no 256014 Family History Library film no 257940 Tartaraghan, Tartaraghan, Tartaraghan, Lurgan, Co Armagh Jos Atkinson, father, Summer Island Annasamry, 23 Jul 1903 Moses Greer X, father, Ballyshiel, 24 Jan 1871 Mary Ann Best X, mother, Killicomain, 19 Jul 1880 Frances Ellen Honeyford formerly RUDDOCK Rachel Todd formerly JACKSON William John Anne Jane Shaw formerly CLAYTON William John HANVEY, Derryanville, postman 392 E. Philadelphia Street. John GREER, Mullalelish, farmer 20 Nov 1879 Derrykeevan Mary Todd formerly IRWIN John CAMPBELL, Derryaugh, fisherman *Note in margin that this entry is cancelled because ?? * Father's place of residence is circled but no indication of Margaret Boyce formerly CASTLES 14 Oct 1870 Tandragee Joseph McCreery X, father, Cornaleck, 8 Apr 1873 Eliza Honeyford formerly BROWNLEE Benjamin Galway, father, Ballinary, 19 Jan 1877 We believe that every client deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. Richard MATCHETT, Derryaugh, farmer Abraham Beattie, father, Corcrain, 9 Sep 1871 John HONEYFORD, Obins St, Portadown, labourer 28 Oct 1872 Woodhouse St, Portadown Mary Ann Anderson formerly MILLAR James HICKLAND, Carn, weaver Mary Blacker formerly CORR William BEST, Levaghery, weaver John DALZELL, Grange, farmer 24 Sep 1874 Richhill Richard HONEYFORD, Legany, farmer However, unlike a lot of recent college graduates, most mid-career professionals dont want to leave their work behind, If youre the leader of a high-growth company, its important that you decide what kind of leader you really want to be. W H McKee, father, Cloncore, 1 Mar 1910 29 Apr 1905 Chapel St, Keady Born to Play Music. William McBurney, father, Derrycouse, 4 Mar 1878 14 May 1905, Wesley Place, Lurgan Elizabeth Arthur JOHNSTON, Derrycarne, weaver James Sanderson X, father, Derryneskin, 1 Dec 1877 Ruth DUNBAR X, present at birth, Derrykeevan, 15 Jul 1872 Sarah A Topley, mother, 39 Mary St, Portadown, 6 Apr 1904 Martha Anne McDowell formerly CARLISLE Elizabeth MORLEY X, present at birth, Leganny, 18 Jan 1878 Family History Library film no 257940 Edward Honeyford, father, Derrymore House, 2 Apr 1910 Elizabeth Jane Jackson formerly ABRAM Elizabeth Neeson, formerly RAVEY William Henry HAUGHIAN, Derrytrasna, labourer Sarah McIlwaine formerly DOUGLAS Lurgan, Tartaraghan, Tartaraghan, Lurgan, Co Armagh 14 Nov 1876 Cloncore Thomas Addy X, father, Derrylard, 19 Jun 1876 Lurgan, Tartaraghan, Tartaraghan, Lurgan, Co Armagh Minnie Maggie McNally formerly CORDNER William Alexander David HUNTER, Canagolamore, farmer ? Samuel JOHNSTON, Tarthlogue, labourer 6 Apr 1902, 10 Joseph St, Portadown 22 Mar 1906 Cornamucklagh Volume 1, page 689 Mary Jane Galway formerly CADDELL Charlotte Honeyford formerly GRAHAM Joseph Catherine Rebecca Murray formerly REID Mary Ann Ford formerly McFARLANE Francis Abraham Mary Jane RESTON X, present at birth, Ballinahinch, 12 Feb 1873 James Gilmore, father, Timakeel, 16 Oct 1871 James McAvoy X, father, Knocknamuckley, 14 Apr 1877 Charles NUGENT, Tandragee, labourer Thomas William WHITE, Clonmain, farmer Volume 11, page 56 Hugh Fox X, father, Ballinagone, 21 Nov 1874 2 Nov 1872 John St, Portadown Henry Reid, father, Clencarrish, 11 Mar 1878 7 Mar 1875 Carn James HUNNIFORD, Kingarve, labourer William MATCHETT, Ballynary, farmer John MAGEE, Ballynarry, labourer Betty HENNON X, present at birth, Derryadd, 4 Mar 1876 Ann Jamieson formerly GRIMISON Volume 1, page 725 William GUY, Ballyhannon, grocer Catherine McCoy formerly McKEEVER Volume 11, page 717 26 Apr 1909 Kingarve Mary Ann McConville formerly McCONVILLE Mary Ann FOSTER Peter Paul Jemima Trueman formerly THORNTON Ellen Maria Joseph Shepherd, father, Drumilly, 17 Oct 1876 Richard Hunniford, farmer, Legany, 10 Oct 1906 William George GRACEY, Queen St, Lurgan, mechanic 25 Apr 1909 Clonmacate Family History Library film no 257960 Sarah Duke formerly CUMMONS Alice McGirr formerly CUMBERTON Dorothy William John LIGGETT, Breagh, labourer Richard Campbell wrote his first line of code in 1977. 25 Jan 1876 Brackagh Martha McCRORY, farmers daughter Francis McDONNELL, Mullintur, smith James 1 Jul 1872 Derrinraw Eliz Adelaide Davison, mother, 3&4 High St, Portadown, 6 Apr 1904 William John JACKSON, Derrycaw, farmer Ann DAWSON X, present at birth, Derrycaw, 4 Aug 1879 William DICKSON, Ballinagone, weaver Samuel William John He was educated at Westminster School and Christ Church, Oxford (BA 1730, MA 1733, BD & DD 1748). Rose Ann Murphy formerly DONNELLY 31 Dec 1876 Derryadd 10 Nov 1879 Derrinraw Facebook gives people the. 17 Dec 1877 Woodhouse St, Portadown 26 Sep 1874 Ballybrenan 20 Mar 1880 Derryscollop Anne Murray formerly FALLOON Thomas CARRICK, Derrykeevan, farmer female Ellen 28 Nov 1901 Roughan Jane CURREY James HUTCHISON, Roxeby Green, Armagh, railway porter Patrick William Addye SIMPSON, Melbourne Terrace, Armagh, solicitor Mary Mary McFALL X, present at birth, Derrinraw, 22 Feb 1913 Ann McNeice X, mother, Annaghmore, 8 Nov 1875 28 Aug 1871 Edinderry, Portadown Joseph STEWART, 1 Jubilee Ter, Portadown, plumber Family History Library film no 256002 15 Apr 1876 Derryanville Margaret Sullivan formerly BRENNAN Joseph Sergant X, father, Derrinraw, 10 Apr 1873 Thomas MILLIGAN, 30 Hanover St, Portadown, mechanic in mill 25 Oct 1870 Drumnamether Elizabeth HOLLAND X, present at birth, Shankill St, Lurgan, 2 Jun no father given Robert McConnell X, father, Creenagh, 22 Jan 1871 Ann E Renton, mother, 51 Meadow Lane, Portadown, 19 Dec 1904 David Henry Peter CONLEY, Derryneskin, farmer 22 Nov 1879 Ballynary James Campbell then began touring as bass guitarist and vocalist for Natalie Cole in the mid-1980s including an appearance at the Nelson Mandela 70th Birthday Tribute at Wembley Stadium, along with various television and live concert performances, until 1989, when Campbell was hired to tour with rock group Three Dog Night. John MULHOLLAND, Canagola, farmer Aug 1879 John KENAU, Drumheriff, labourer Henry McConville X, father, Cloncore, 26 Aug 1880 Thomas 4 May 1874 Ballynarry Matilda Jane Mary Ann Petrie formerly MARTIN Julia Freyne formerly MURPHY John McSHANE X, occupier, Ballinary, 8 Jan 1877 Robert Geo Kane, father, Ardress, 10 Feb 1902 Sarah Johnston John KANE, Rampart St, Lurgan, labourer Jane England formerly KEENAN Mary Ann Holmes formerly ROBINSON Margaret BRAN Family History Library film no 255986 Samuel HONNEYFORD, Cornamucklagh, weaver William Stevenson X, father, Derrytrasna, 20 Mar 1876 Jane Robinson formerly RUDDELL David Cromie, father, Tullymecan, 17 Jan 1871 Ruth McCAUSLAND X, present at birth, Ballynarry, 21 May 1874 *on the authority of the Registrar General George McClelland X, father, Ballynarry, 1 Dec 1870 Lurgan, Lurgan No 2, Lurgan No 2, Lurgan, Co Armagh 10 Jan 1871 Anahue James McCAFFERY, William St, Portadown, fireman Armagh, Keady, Keady, Armagh, Co Armagh 7 Oct 1873 Litchsheffeld Kathleen Daniel HUGHES X, present at birth, Anahue, 20 Jan 1873 2 Apr 1877 Knocknamuckley Mary Boil formerly McCANN Jane Susan Douglas, mother, 28 Castle St, Portadown, 18 Mar 1903 3 Aug 1879 Victoria Terrace, Portadown Cecil Victor 1 Oct 1871 Artabrackey Margaret METCALF X, present at birth, Ballynary, 10 Jan 1878 Jane Eliza Corbett formerly SPROTT James John George WRIGHT, Cloncore, farmer Mary Ann Best formerly KANE John CONLON, West St, Portadown, reed maker 1903 30 Jan 1880 Derryaugh 25 Mar 1909 Ballynary 4 Dec 1873 Derryaugh Sarah 14 May 1901, 6 Church St, Portadown Sarah Ann Rachel Matchett X, mother, Derrylard, 8 Apr 1875 31 May 1913, Obin St, Portadown Jane CAMPBELL X, present at birth, 8 Dawsons Ct, Portadown, 16 Jun 27 Jul 1871 Derryanville Thomas FINEGAN, Breagh, farmer 516 N Diamond Bar Blvd 400. Lurgan, Tartaraghan, Tartaraghan, Lurgan, Co Armagh Walter John Patrick McAneaney, father, Breagh, 4 Dec 1876 R F MAGINNIS, occupier, Workhouse, Newry, 19 Aug 1903 Rebecca Murray formerly REED William James Todd X, father, Roughan, 28 Dec 1901 Family History Library film no 255810 29 Nov 1906 Roughan Use tab to navigate through the menu items. Martha McKellar formerly McCARTNEY 23 Apr 1878 Derrycarne Mary Jane HANNA X, present at birth, 44 Hanover St, Portadown, 21 Mary Ruth Halligan X, mother, Derrycrew, 6 Oct 1873 Charlotte Hunniford, mother, 34 Meadow Lane, Portadown, 5 Dec 1904 Joseph Mary McCRUDDEN X, present at birth, Bessbrook, 24 Aug 1912 Ann Eliza Porter formerly DELWORTH 20 Aug 1874 Drumnagone Francis Ford X, father, 100 Obin St, Portadown 26 Nov 1906 John CARTER, Derryall, farmer Charlotte CLARKE X, present at birth, Cloncore, 31 Dec 1877 17 Aug 1876 Derrylard Mary J Matchett, mother, 10 Century St, Portadown, 14 Oct 1910 Eleanor Johnston formerly JOHNSTON Banbridge, Tandragee, Tandragee, Banbridge, Co Armagh Robert David William Matchett, father, Copney, 26 Nov 1875 Rose Menary X, mother, Arthur St, Lurgan, 3 Oct 1910 John SMYTH, Derrymacfall, labourer Lydia Marshall formerly MARSHALL Edward McCAUGHEY, Derrylard, labourer Mary MORRISON X, present at birth, Kingarve, 11 Aug 1877 Volume 11, page 704 Family History Library film no 255928 Ruth McCreary formerly McCANN Mary Jane Martin, mother, Ballynarry, 15 Jan 1877 I was also aSloan Fellow, part of a program that is offered at LBS, MIT and Stanford. Sarah Jane Matchett formerly GILPIN 257857 John WHYLIE, Derrinraw, labourer 27 Dec 1907 Derrymore no father given The Orchard . Esther Chambers formerly TURKINGTON Mary Ann Maria Woods formerly HANRATTY? William Muldoon X, father, Derrycorry, 12 Feb 1902 Elizabeth Moffatt formerly HARRISON Sarah Jane HAUGH Sarah Caroline Robert Todd, father, Foymore, 20 Aug 1877 Mary Jane Rachel Cavanagh formerly CAMPBELL William Sarah A Mehaffey formerly BRENNEN Isaac Peter Connolly, father, Derryneskan, 23 Feb 1910 William John HARE, Derryhale, farmer Agnes Irwin formerly McCABE Joseph Acheson, father, Market St, Portadown, 6 Mar 1875 James Shevlin, father, Mullaglass, 15 Nov 1870 James THOMPSON, Derrylard, fisherman Volume 1, page 698 Annie Atkinson, mother, 39 Mourneview St, Portadown, 18 Mar 1903 *The addresses are all circled and new certified copy available James SERGANT, Derrycaw, farmer 27 Apr 1910 Derrybeg Family History Library film no 255939 Minnie Hunniford, mother, Legany, 30 Mar 1904 19 Aug 1871 Bridge St, Portadown James Anthony William RICHARDSON, Derryinver, weaver Mary Ann McDonnell formerly DEVELIN Thomas WILKINSON, Cloncore, labourer 15 Jul 1906 Annaghmore Sarah Jane McElroy formerly LAVERY Alexander HUGHES, Edinderry, Portadown, labourer Ernest William Sarah Cooke formerly HORNER 23 Nov 1877 Ballymagone Ann Jane McMurray, mother, Ballyhannon, 14 Jan 1878 Margaret McCann formerly McCANN Sarah Robert SCANLON, Teemore, labourer Mary Jane Scott formerly McCULLAGH Ellen Conn formerly McCOO John Kelso X, father, Cloncarrish, 16 Aug 1880 Joseph Henry ENGLAND, 29 Foundry St, Portadown, weaver Lurgan, Tartaraghan, Tartaraghan, Lurgan, Co Armagh Margaret Ann Phabe McCLEESE X, present at birth, Edgarstown, Portadown, 23 Oct 13 Nov 1906 Clonmacate Volume 1, page 215 Moses McAnally X, father, Ballynarry, 23 Nov 1876 Izakel (m) Volume 1, page 587 14 Dec 1873 Clonmacate Mary Jane Levingston formerly DONALDSON Mary Larmour? John FULLERTON, Clonticlay, farmer Joseph Sergant X, father, Derrinraw, 21 Jun 1879 Eleanor Matchett formerly COLEMAN Anne Jane CLAYTON, mother, Ballintaggart, 21 Oct 1874 PLD is Harvards answer to the EMBA, and has been designed with on and off-campus learning, and to fit into a busy executives schedule. Family History Library film no 255825 22 Feb 1876 Edinderry, Portadown 21 Aug 1874 Castle St, Portadown James BOIL, Curran St, Portadown, labourer 4 May 1872 Derrycarne 1 Jun 1876 Corbracky Lurgan, Tartaraghan, Tartaraghan, Lurgan, Co Armagh Family History Library film no 257879 Esther Ann Joseph Doris Sarah Ann Benjamin HONEYFORD, 2 Sarah St, Portadown, labourer Northwestern offered me a fellowship in addition to my national Danforth Fellowship. Mary Quinn X, mother, Corbracky, 22 Jun 1880 1 Aug 1880 Cloncore 25 Aug 1874 Edenderry, Portadown Elizabeth KERR, midwife, present at birth, Richhill, 28 Dec 1910 Ralph JOHNSTON, Tarthlogue, farmer Jane Rice X, mother, Drumena, 13 Jul 1872 Jane MULLAN X, present at birth, Ballynary, 11 Apr 1904 John Family History Library film no 255944 Francis Tedford X, father, Tamnavelton, 11 Oct 1878 Clarence McFadden 28 Sep 1910, River Lane, Portadown Hugh BAILEY, James St, Portadown, carpenter 20 Feb 1878 Derryadd 17 May 1872 Ballynarry Cathrine Hunniford X, mother, Drumnavin, 28 Dec 1877 William McCREA, Darkley, clerk in a linen factory 30 Apr 1909 Derrycaw George Thomas PRICHARD, Foybeg, farmer Elizabeth William Robert Sarah Caddle formerly VENART Leonard MAYS, Hacknahay, coachman Isaac James GRACEY, Balteagh, farmer Mary Jane McConville X, mother, Cloncore, 14 Sep 1876 Rose McCluskey formerly McGEONE Mary Jane Mohan formerly COOKE Jemima John LAPPIN, 29 David St, Portadown, labourer by Dorothy William Kelly X, father, Derryall, 9 Jul 1877 Ralph TROTTER, Brackagh, weaver William MOFFATT, Derryneskin, labourer 28 Apr 1872 Ballynarry 24 Dec 1877 Breagh Joseph HYDE, Derrinraw, labourer Michael TIGHE, Ballinary, weaver 12 Jun 1876 Thomas St, Portadown Elizabeth Holland previously BROOKS formerly WILSON Volume 1, page 765 Margaret Hobbs formerly WILEY Mary Theresa Castles formerly BLAND? Volume 1, page 614 John NEIL, Ballinary, weaver Margaret Boyce, mother, Drumalis, 20 Mar 1912 Bridget McCann formerly FEE Sarah HUNNEYFORD Volume 11, page 233 Volume 1, page 244 William Francis Mary Toal formerly MURPHY 18 Aug 1877 Tamficarbet 13 Jan 1901, 11 Charles St, Portadown 21 Jul 1876 Drumilly Matilda Matchett formerly CREAGAN 23 Oct 1873 Drumcree Margaret REILLY X, present at birth, Copney, 14 Apr 1880 In fact, many should be an email, or at most a 2-3 page report. 27 Nov 1904, 51 Meadow Lane, Portadown Frederick Samuel Mary Anne McFadden formerly CULLEN Elizabeth MATCHETT, present at birth, Derrykeevan, 22 Apr 1875 Volume 1, page 767 John THOMPSON, Rooneys Lane, Lurgan, weaver Thomas Matchett, father, Clonmacate, 6 Nov 1871 *name and sex are circled-note in margin-unable to read Frances Matchett formerly MATCHETT John THOMPSON, Ardmore, weaver 25 Jan 1871 Drumnasoo Ann McADAMS X, present at birth, Derrycorry, 25 Jan 1871 Mary Sparks formerly SINNAMON Anne McCann formerly MORGAN? Patrick 26 Jun 1880 Teaguy Jonathan COCHRANE, Tandragee, grocer James BLAKENEY, Ahorey, carpenter Charles MAGINNESS, Mullahead, farmer Hugh McSHANE, Cushenny, farmer Mary Jackson X, mother, 7 John St, Portadown, 12 Feb 1912 29 Aug 1876 Kilmagamish Thomas Murray X, father, Derrymagowen, 4 Jul 1906 23 Mar 1873 Cloncore Charles Henry Susan John BUNTING, 4 Irwin St, Portadown, labourer Jane McCullagh formerly HENDERSON 20 Dec 1870 Derryaugh 16 Apr 1880 Cabragh Mary William SPARKS, Cornamucklagh, weaver Elizabeth Cullen formerly RAFFERTY William COULAN, Drumnasoo, labourer Sarah Prudence no father given Ann McCann formerly McCOOE William CONN, 41 Mary St, Portadown, shoemaker Rose Anne Snodden formerly JELLY Margaret Jane Matchett formerly ABRAM Newry, Mullaghglass, Mullaghglass, Newry, Co Armagh Anne Duffy formerly HEGAN Margaret 19 Oct 1871 Edinderry, Portadown Dickey Dickson X, father, Lisanickey, 24 Oct 1870 Ellen King formerly WYLIE Mary Jane Fahy formerly O'BRIEN Thomas HAUGHEY*, Dartan, Killylea, coachman 29 Dec, 1901, 11:30 p.m. Ballynary Susanna Carvill X, mother, Ballinary, 4 Jul 1873 4 Mar 1904, 3&4 High St, Portadown William HENDERSON, Derrycaw, farmer 16 Jan 1881 The Deanery, Armagh 17 Jul 1871 Derrinraw 18 Mar 1876 Derrytrasna David MILLS, Bessbrook, painter Mary HAMILL 8 May 1901 Carne male Now in its 8th year, with more than 190 episodes, we recently won the 2021 Communication Award from the Mathematical Association of America. 1 Nov 1875 Egerlougher 16 Nov 1872 Derrinraw 3 Jul 1872 Cloncore Martha Morrison formerly MEDCALF Susan Thomas HAUGH, Ballynary, weaver George Jane Metcalf formerly DEANS Agnes Banbridge, Tandragee, Tandragee, Banbridge, Co Armagh 7 Nov 1873 Kernan 14 Feb 1902 Ardress 13 Jun 1876 Cornamucklagh James ROBINSON, Ardress, farmer John HAMILL, 34 John St, Portadown, horse dealer Ellen Maria Blake formerly MULHOLLAND If youre an experienced professional, chances are pretty high that youre not interested in a traditional MBA. R. F MAGINNIS, occupier, Workhouse, Newry, 14 Jul 1903 Catherine Thompson X, mother, Derrylard, 21 Mar 1903 Martha Mary Donnelly formerly KELLY 31 Dec 1912 Derryall 14 May 1878 Clonmacate Thomas John 15 Feb 1875 Edenderry, Portadown Mary Corner formerly McGINN Mary Hannah Jacob Bridget McShane X, mother, Cross, 9 Apr 1912 James May, father, Mullentine, 13 Mar 1903 Patrick LAMB, 88 Bridge St, Portadown, carpenter 10 Aug 1880 Muckery Margaret Ann Volume 16, page 706 Jane Johnston formerly WILKINSON James RICHARDSON, Drumgask, warper 3 Nov 1910 Cloncarrish David Reilly X, father, Keady, 4 May 1905 Patrick Larkin X, father, Cloughan, 12 Oct 1876 Thomas JAMISON, Ballyworken, farmer 14 Mar 1904, 20 Bann St, Portadown I founded 10Adventures to make it easy for regular people to plan their next adventure. John On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. Margaret Johnston formerly HUGHS John HONEYFORD, Ballymagone, farmer Ann Jane Harrison formerly KELSO 24 Nov 1879 Ballynary Jane Rice formerly KEARNS Joseph BRIGGS, Grange, labourer Edward McKnight, father, 23 Irwin St, Portadown, 29 Jul 1908 What was it then and/or what it is now?I was interested in investigating the relationships between fact and fiction, particularly the role of storytelling in journalism. Lurgan, Tartaraghan, Tartaraghan, Lurgan, Co Armagh David MATHERS, Derrykeeran, farmer 9 Oct 1871 Edgarstown, Portadown Elizabeth Roberts X, mother, Ballyhannon, 20 Jul 1880 John Cole, father, Cloncore, 28 May 1874 Lurgan, Tartaraghan, Tartaraghan, Lurgan, Co Armagh Charlotte CLARK X, present at birth, Derrylard, 8 Sep 1873 Francis McNALLY, New Holland, Keady, labourer 11 Jan 1881 Thomas St, Armagh Sarah J Gracey formerly GILPIN William James BRYANS, Derryall, weaver John HUNIFORD, Ballintaggart, weaver John COLE, Cloncore, labourer John McKellar, father, Drumondmore, 17 Dec 1878 6 Sep 1873 Copney Degrees Offered by Other Northwestern Schools, Admission Decisions and Enrollment Overview, Master's and Nondegree Student Enrollment Procedures, Interdisciplinary Graduate Assistantships, TGS Internships, & Supplemental Opportunities, Introduction to Graduate Education (IGEN), Hispanic Serving Institution Pathways to the Professoriate, Inclusion & Anti-Bias Initiatives Overview, TGS-Affiliated Student Organizations & Campus Partners, Career Exploration with Beyond the Professoriate Training Program, Resources for Directors of Graduate Studies, 125 Years of PhD Degrees Alumni Spotlight Series. Richard McCann X, father, Derrycaw, 30 Aug 1875 James BELL, 2 Wilson St, Portadown, carter Norcross, GA 30092. Joseph LIVINGSTONE, Foybeg, labourer David Irwin, father, Carn, 29 Nov 1873 Elizabeth Gracey formerly WARING Susanna Leggitt formerly CARSON Owen GALLAGHER, 4 Bann St, Portadown, labourer 26 Jun 1877 Annakera William John STURGEON, Richhill, labourer Anabella GAMBLE X, present at birth, Mullaletra, 3 Jul 1871 Margaret Volume 16, page 668 Maria BAILEY X, present at birth, Bridge St, Portadown, 19 Aug 1879 20 Sep 1875 Ballynarry 3 Aug 1880 Cloncarrish 7 Jan 1871 Thomas St, Portadown He took up trumpet in grammar school, then switched to bass guitar in high school and began performing around northern California with his band "Music Company" which featured Scott Dugdale [1] (original music composer for Astronomy: Observations and Theories) on drums and Steve Williams on keyboards.
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